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No matter what your business, QRS Recycling can help you identify the perfect recycling solution for you.

If you’re ready to start helping the planet and your bottom line, QRS Recycling is here to help you identify and implement a recycling program that’s ideal for your business’ specific needs. No matter what service your business provides or performs, or the waste you produce as a result, QRS will work with you to develop a smart, simple solution that will help maximize your recycling potential, making your business greener, as you save money.

Large Commercial Recycling and Industrial Recycling – Large businesses can generate a lot of waste – and waste disposal costs. But it doesn’t have to be that way, with the right QRS Recycling solution.

Office Buildings and Property Management – Your tenants and employees expect sustainability solutions, but you’re already super busy – let QRS take away the hassle of waste management, and save you money.

Schools, Campuses, and Institutions – QRS works with your staff to integrate simple recycling solutions that are easy to manage on a day-to-day basis.

Municipalities – Your problems are unique. Let QRS listen to your goals and collaborate with your team to increase recycling in your City or Town. We work with some of the largest consumers of recyclable commodities in the world. Let us bring their resources to your opportunity.

Hospitals and Healthcare – Health care facility waste often requires special care; fortunately, QRS has the experience to respond with simple, cost-effective recycling solutions.

Printers – From the smallest quick print shop to the largest national printers; printing on paper or plastic; baled, loose, or currently being thrown away; QRS can deliver a recycling solution for the full spectrum of your waste. We can even handle your litho!

Independent Retail, Restaurants, and Small Business – When running your own business, every dollar counts. QRS will help you maximize your recycling potential – and your savings – while making you just as green or greener as the “big guys”.

Waste Haulers – Your customers generate it and you haul it. QRS will make sure you have the expertise to offer recycling to your customers and get fair rebates for your material. Use QRS as your recycling arm!

Recycling Companies and Brokers – Think of QRS as the recycler’s recycler. You have residual and incremental tons that are “left over” after you remove the targeted commodities. QRS has the advanced technology and marketing relationships to get more out of your residual recycling stream, maximizing it’s’ revenue potential. Work with us to get the return without the investment.


For more information about how QRS Recycling can help impact your bottom line, or to schedule a time where we can learn about your business and your sustainability goals, click here to submit a QRS Recycling Solution Request form, or if you prefer, call us at at 888-366-3777.

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