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QRS Reaching New Heights Louisville Balloon Glow

One of the most anticipated events of balloon race weekend is the U.S. Bank Derby Festival Great Balloon Glow. On Friday, April 25th QRS Recycling fired up our Read More

QRS Supporting “Wet-Dry” Recycling Program In Louisville’s Central Business District

Louisville’s Central Business District is going green in a big way! Louisville Metro is launching a cutting edge “Wet-Dry” recycling pilot program for all Metro-serviced businesses and residents in the Central Read More

Organics Recycling is now available!!!

QRS is proud to announce its newest service offering in the Louisville market: ORGANICS RECYCLING. In addition to our single stream and commercial dry waste solutions, the ORGANICS Read More

Commercial Dry Waste Installation Complete!

Commercial Dry waste is a term for a specific type of waste material stream: Non-putrescible (unlikely to decompose), non-hazardous, and comprised of at least 50% of recyclable material Read More

JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes a Huge Success!

Hey Jennifer, Bart & Harrison – Thank you all and QRS recycling so much for your support of the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes – we are so Read More

QRS Truck Loading Guide

QRS RECYCLING TRUCK LOADING GUIDE To ensure the safety of our employees and contracted drivers, the following requirements MUST be followed: Load it SAFE for EVERYONE’S SAFETY Before loading bales Read More

QRS Riverside employees presented with a Certificate of Appreciation

QRS Recycling employees presented with a Certificate of Appreciation for their courageous efforts displayed on June 30, 2012. QRS Recycling owners, Matt and Greg Janson, presented plaques to Read More

Matt & Greg Janson thank New Albany Chief Juliot & Deputy Chief Gadd

“Matt and Greg Janson thank New Albany Fire Chief Juliot and Deputy Chief Gadd for their departments efforts during the fire. The quick response and dedicated fire-fighting of Read More

QRS Iron & Metal - Louisville & New Albany

Buying and selling iron and metal is in our roots, and we have never forgotten the importance of fast, courteous service and a great price for those customers Read More

Success Story Property Management

I recently worked with a property management group with two different buildings, and we were mandated to increase recycling opportunities. They previously had two different recycling companies that had Read More