What Can You Do?

If you’re ready to bring recycling to your business, it’s time to form your own Green Team!

Do you care about the environment? Do you want to help the planet, and help your business? Do you already recycle at home, and hate to see all the waste that’s happening at work? There’s an environmentally friendly solution waiting for you, and it all starts with joining the Green Team!

Step 1: Become a Green Champion

Become a Green Champion

A more environmentally friendly workplace doesn’t just happen on its own – someone needs to bring up the subject, fight for it, and follow it all the way through. It’ll take a little hard work, but if you’re passionate about the environment, and helping your company, it’ll be worth it.


Step 2: Get Management On-Board

Get Management on Board

Although green initiatives don’t need to start at the top, it’s much easier to develop, implement, and maintain a recycling program if upper management is sold on the idea – plus, your message is that much stronger if it’s coming from the folks in charge.

When pitching the idea of a recycling program to the powers that be, explain the real, tangible benefits that recycling can offer your company. It’s not just about the environment; a recycling program can actually save the company money in waste management costs, while enhancing the company’s image as a green business.

If there are concerns about difficulties complying with a recycling program, keep in mind that single stream recycling has made being environmentally responsible just as easy as throwing out the trash!


Step 3: Form a Green Team

Form a Green Team

Once you’ve got the support of management, it’s important to get the rest of your coworkers in favor of the program, too – after all, they’ll be the ones doing the day-to-day business of recycling.

For a recycling program to work, you need everyone to participate – form an internal Green Team of volunteers from all the various departments of your company. Make sure everyone is represented; this will help you form a complete picture of the type of waste your business generates, and the goals you’ll want to achieve.


Step 4: Perform a Waste Audit

Perform a Waste Audit

Contact QRS and we’ll perform a complete audit of your business’ waste – how much waste your company generates, how much of that can be recycled, the goals for your recycling program, etc. QRS will take this information and work with your Green Team to develop a simple and creative recycling solution that maximizes your recycling potential.


Step 5: Implement Your Simple Recycling Solution

Implement Your Recycling Solution

Once you decide on a recycling program, QRS will be there, every step of the way, to make sure introducing and maintaining the program goes as smoothly as possible. From choosing where to place recycling stations, to meeting with the custodial staff, to marketing the new program to your coworkers, and setting goals for success, QRS will serve as a partner and a resource to ensure the program is a winner.


Step 6: Keep It Up!

Keep It Up!

Even after your business’ recycling program is in place, there’s still plenty to do! For instance, why not take going green a step further? Don’t just recycle; develop environmentally friendly initiatives to reduce the waste your company creates. Send emails instead of memos, buy recycled-content office supplies, print on both sides of paper. It all adds up, and makes your program that much more effective.


Step 7: Track Your Progress

Track Your Progress

QRS will keep track of your goals and benchmarks over time; over time, your recycling program will seem like that much more of a success when you realize how much your company is saving, and how much waste is being diverted from landfills.

For more information about how QRS Recycling can help your Green Team, or to schedule
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