Materials Accepted

QRS maximizes your business’ recycling potential by accepting a wide variety of recyclable materials.

The more waste that can be diverted from landfills, the better it is for the environment, and for your bottom line. That’s why QRS Recycling has dedicated itself to utilizing the most innovative recycling services and systems to accept as many different materials to recycle as possible. By maximizing what can be recycled, we can maximize your savings, as well as the positive impact we have on the planet for future generations.

For more information about the specific types of recyclable materials QRS accepts, please choose a category, or
click here for our list of acceptable recyclables.


If you have specific questions about what can be recycled by QRS Recycling, or to schedule a time where we can learn about your business and your sustainability goals, contact QRS Recycling at 888-366-3777.

*Please do not put any plastic containers that contain used needles in the recycling bins. Any milk jugs, detergent plastic containers or bottles containing needles should be discarded as indicated by your local trash hauler or municipality. Needles present a safety risk to our sorters.

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