Paper and Cardboard Recycling

If it tears, we’ll take it! QRS is ready to recycle any paper and cardboard waste your business can generate.

QRS Recycling accepts virtually all paper and cardboard waste for recycling, meaning less waste – and greater savings for your business. The basic rules of thumb is, if it tears, QRS Recycling will accept it.

If you have specific questions about which paper or cardboard materials QRS can recycle, or to schedule a time where we can learn about your business and your sustainability goals, contact QRS Recycling. 888-366-3777

Paper and Cardboard Classification


  • Corrugated and uncorrugated cardboard (broken down, no waxed cardboard)
  • All white, multicolored, and coated papers, of all grades

Printed Materials

  • Printers’ waste
  • Newspapers, including inserts (remove plastic sheets)
  • Magazines, catalogues, and telephone books
  • Brochures and pamphlets
  • Paperback books (no hardcover books)
  • Manuals with glued bindings
  • Posters

Office Supplies

  • Office paper of all types:
    • Computer and notebook paper
    • Legal pad, steno pads, memo pads
    • Self-adhesive sticky notes
    • Envelopes (including those with windows and labels)
    • Folders (manila, coated, or colored)
    • Receipts
    • Correspondence
      • Letterheads, direct mail, advertising, junk mail


  • Kraft (brown paper) bags
  • Carrier stock (soda & beer boxes)
  • Gable top containers (milk and juice cartons)
  • Chipboard (cereal, cake and food mix boxes, frozen food boxes, etc.)
  • Gift wrap paper and gift boxes

1. No food-contaminated materials – all containers must be emptied and rinsed.
2. No motor oil, insecticide, herbicide, or hazardous chemical containers.
3. No expanded foam containers, restroom papers, or papers that contain synthetic materials

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