Shipping product as direct as possible to the end-user is what QRS Direct is all about. The more “middle men” we can eliminate, the more we can pay you. We specialize in finding the best homes for truckload quantities of recyclable fiber, scrap plastic, and mixed loads. Our goal is to ensure the greatest positive impact to your bottom line and the greatest possible recovery rate for material otherwise going to a landfill.

We do this by diligently partnering with the most efficient end-users of scrap on a global stage. By understanding global manufacturing, we allow you to recycle more material by providing you with the best possible options for your scrap.

Unlike many other brokers, QRS Direct is supported by a network of our own plants and warehouses. Mixed loads of multiple grades, both paper and plastic, can be received at one of these QRS assets for consolidation and eventual shipment. We keep your product, and your cash flow, turning. We call this “Asset Supported Trading”. Our plants and warehouses offer tremendous flexibility in our effort to best serve you.

What We Buy
QRS Direct purchases all post industrial packaging at fair market value. In addition, we have helped a number of our customers reduce cost by simplifying their internal recycling efforts, recapturing operating space and increasing overall efficiencies.

Challenge us to provide a Mill Direct Solution for all of your truckload quantities — improving movement and increasing revenue. QRS Direct will improve your economics by maximizing your recycling potential. Submit your QRS Direct Recycling Solution Request form, click here , or if you prefer, call us at 888-366-3777.

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Detailed below are a few examples of products recycled by QRS:

  • FILM: We have excellent markets for all grades of LDPE and LLDPE films, PP, PET and HDEP film and PP Non-Woven Materials. Given our global relationships, we can purchase film in both baled form and on rolls.
  • ENGINEERED PLASTICS: We also buy many grades of plastic including ABS, EPP, EPS, HDPE, HIPS, LDPE, PET, PP, PS, TPO, TPR, as well as a wide variety of Nylons and other engineered resins.
  • REGRIND: We buy both homo-polymer and mixed-polymer regrinds.
  • BULK PLASTICS: HDPE Pipe, wide variety of plastics
    Purge - We buy both homo-polymer and mixed-polymer purges to include: ABS, HDPE, LDPE, PE, PET, PP and PS.
  • CAR PARTS: Here is a complete list of the products we purchase:
    Bed liners - Bumpers - Dashboards - Door interiors Headlight/Taillight assemblies
    All ABS, PP, PC, POM, PA, PUR and TPO parts
  • CD and DVD ROM
  • TOTES: Bakery Trays - Beverage Crates - Bulk Boxes - Dairy Crates - Meat & Poultry - Totes Plastic Pallets - Straight Wall Totes - Thermoformed Dunnage


Other QRS Solutions: