It Pays To Be Green

Recycling isn’t just good for the planet – it can also help your bottom line.

When most businesses start to consider a recycling or sustainability program, they tend to think of it as beneficial for the environment, yet costly and time-consuming for their company. As recycling has changed, so has this line of thinking. With new global markets thirsty for America’s scrap, new technologies for separation, and simpler ways to recycle, the right recycling partner will show you “how to be green”, that being green can be just as good for your bottom line as it is for the planet.

At QRS Recycling, our goal is to partner with you to help you maximize your recycling potential and get more out of your waste. What does that mean? If you are in your office right now, take a quick look in your trash can. More than likely, the vast majority of what you’ll find in there is office paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans. Now, if all of these items end up in the trash, they represent a cost to your business – they have to be gathered, transported to a landfill, and buried. However, if these same items are recycled, they have value as a commodity – value which can be used to save, or even earn your business money.

With QRS Recycling, it’s all about waste diversion. It’s not just how to be eco friendly; recyclable material that ends up in a landfill is a loss – for you, for us, for the planet. If you’re not recycling, you’re literally throwing money away. That’s why we focus every effort on diverting as much waste as possible – every recycling solution we offer, every technology we’ve adopted or perfected, is in service of this one goal, to make recycling as efficient, as effective, and as simple for our customers as possible.

The process works for you on multiple levels: by diverting more waste from the landfill, you save every month on waste disposal costs. Waste management companies earn their money not just on gathering your waste, but also by hauling it to landfills, and burying it. When you recycle more of this material, not only are you paying less – by avoiding these additional landfill costs – you’re also gaining the opportunity to save, or even earn money from these recyclables. Plus, unique recycling programs from QRS like QRS Single Stream and QRS Total take all the hassle out of recycling for your business, saving your employees time and effort.

Recycling often starts out as a concern or a sense of responsibility for the environment – why not be rewarded for taking the time to care?

For more information about how QRS Recycling can help impact your bottom line, or to schedule a time where we can learn about your business and your sustainability goals, click here to submit a QRS Recycling Solution Request form, or if you prefer, call us at at 888-366-3777.

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