Here’s a handy guide to what’s recyclable.

A simple guideline is to recycle food and beverage containers and “Anything That Tears”. The great thing about our Single Stream program is that all of these items can be thrown in the same container!

• Cardboard boxes (broken down)
• Magazines and catalogues
• Newspapers and inserts
• All white, colored and coated papers
• Brochures and pamphlets
• Correspondence papers (letterhead, direct mail pieces and
• Envelopes (even with plastic windows or labels)
• Folders (manila, coated or colored)
• Manuals with glued bindings
• Paper from legal pads, steno pads, note pads
• Posters
• Receipts
• Scratch, message and memo pads
• Self-adhesive notes
• Soft-covered books
• Paperback books
• Cereal boxes
• Frozen food boxes
• Plastic containers #1 thru #7 (except styrofoam)
• Stretch film (in bags)
• Aluminum beverage containers
• Steel food and beverage containers
Exceptions are few, but noteworthy. No glass containers, Styrofoam
(polystyrene) or paper products that are food contaminated.