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As the recycler’s recycler, QRS Recycling can help you get more out of your waste stream than ever.

As collectors and brokers, you already know the value of recyclable goods. Why not try and maximize that value, by using QRS Recycling’s advanced technology and marketing relationships to get more from your recycling stream, by recycling your residual recyclables?

Generally, you’re always going to have some residual recyclables that remain once you’ve removed your targeted commodities for recycling. Why dispose of these “leftovers,” when they still have value as commodities? QRS is the recycler’s recycler, taking your residual material and processing it to get the very most of out of it, maximizing your revenue potential. QRS was founded on the ideals of honesty, fairness, and putting people first – provide us with your residual recycling stream, and we’ll give you a fair, market-competitive price, so you can get the return without the investment.

For more information about how QRS Recycling partners with recycling companies and brokers, contact QRS Recycling. 888-366-3777

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