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Bring us your customers’ waste, and QRS Recycling will handle it from there, with fair and honest pricing.

The collection of waste is already half the battle in implementing an effective recycling solution. You’re already hauling it – why not increase your revenue stream through your waste stream, while offering your customers the benefits of a greener solution than waste disposal, by utilizing QRS Recycling to purchase, sort, and process your recyclables?

QRS Recycling was founded on the ideals of fairness, honesty, and putting people first. If you haul your recyclables to QRS to be recycled – be it paper and cardboard, plastics, or iron and metal – you can be sure we’re going to give you a market-competitive price for these valuable commodities.

For more information about how QRS Recycling partners with waste haulers and waste management providers to maximize recycling potential, contact QRS Recycling. 888-366-3777

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