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QRS Recycling offers broad-scale recycling solutions that can help change communities for the better.

Working for a municipality, you’re responsible for an entire community’s waste stream. This can either be a real challenge, as waste accrues and landfills fill up, or a real opportunity, if you take that waste and recycle it, transforming it into a commodity that saves your city or town money, even as it helps the environment.

QRS Recycling offers the unique resources to help you introduce simple, effective recycling solutions that decrease costs, reduce waste, and allow you to promote your municipality as a green, environmentally friendly community. These resources include advanced recycling technology and unique recycling services, like QRS Recycling’s single-stream recycling program, which removes the hassle of sorting recyclables, and QRS’ total waste management solution, where we cover all the day-to-day aspects of both waste disposal and recycling.

For more information about the recycling services QRS Recycling offers municipalities, or to schedule a time where we can learn about your area’s challenges and your sustainability goals, contact QRS Recycling. 888-366-3777

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