Dry Waste recycling made simple.

QRS Dry Waste is a simplified all-in-one solution for companies dealing only in dry waste.

Dry waste is a term for a specific type of waste material stream: Non-putrescible (unlikely to decompose), non-hazardous, and comprised of at least 50% of recyclable material by weight. If your company’s waste stream fits this description, a QRS Dry Waste Recycling Program can make waste disposal simpler, with an all-in-one Disposal and Recycling Solution.

Sorting waste from recyclables can be a challenge for many businesses. Limited floor and dock space, material flow, and competing employee priorities can conspire to make a sustainability effort just too much trouble. With a QRS Dry Waste solution, the process has never been easier. Instead of one container for recycling and one for waste, with QRS Dry Waste, there’s only a single container – a compactor, for instance – with no need to separate. QRS does all the work for you – recycling as much as possible, and disposing of the remaining waste – saving your time, money, and resources along the way.

If your company produces a dry waste stream, and you’re looking for a simplified waste disposal solution, click here to submit a QRS Recycling Solution Request form to find out how to get started with a QRS Dry Waste solution. Or if you prefer, call us today at 888-366-3777.

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