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Commercial Single Stream Recycling saves time, money, and natural resources.

It’s as easy as throwing out the trash! With QRS Single Stream Recycling, there’s no easier way to Simply Recycle. Contact us, click here to submit a QRS Recycling Solution Request form to find out how to get started with QRS Commercial Single Stream Recycling, or if you prefer, call us. 888-366-3777

A simple idea, a one-step solution for saving your business time, money, and natural resources.
Saves TIME: your employees toss all of their recyclables into a single container—and we take care of the sorting.
Saves MONEY: all you pay for is transport.
Saves NATURAL RESOURCES: your recyclables become new products, instead of getting buried in a landfill.

  • Single-stream recycling conserves more natural resources conserved and decreases raw materials used.
  • More recycling means less trash delivered to trash-to-energy facilities or trucked to out-of-state landfills.
  • Easier recycling means greater employee participation that drives up recycling rates and reduces trash disposal, lowering costs to businesses and municipalities

What’s In the Commercial Single Stream? Anything That Tears!
Toss any of the following items in the same single-stream container, we take care of the sorting.

Cardboard boxes (broken down)
Magazines and catalogues
Newspapers and inserts
All white, colored and coated papers
Brochures and pamphlets
Correspondence papers (letterhead, direct mail pieces and advertising)
Envelopes (even with plastic windows or labels)
Folders (manila, coated or colored)
Manuals with glued bindings
Paper from legal pads, steno pads, note pad
Scratch, message and memo pad
Self-adhesive notes
Soft-covered books
Paperback books
Cereal boxes
Frozen food boxes
Plastic containers #1 thru #7 (except Styrofoam)
Stretch lm (in bags)
Aluminum beverage containers
Steel food and beverage containers

WHAT’S NOT INCLUDED: glass, Styrofoam (polystyrene) and paper contaminated by food.

*Please do not put any plastic containers that contain used needles in the recycling bins, needles present a safety risk to our sorters. Milk jugs, detergent (plastic) containers or bottles containing needles should be discarded as indicated by your local trash hauler or municipality.

History of QRS Recycling
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