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QRS Recycling is PROUD to offer Source Separated Recycling services. This service allows us to recover recyclable materials that would otherwise be headed for the landfill.

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QRS Source Separation recycling is your resource for the removal of all designated recyclable materials from the waste stream and, therefore, helps in achieving high reduction rates.

Source Separation results in clean, marketable materials by limiting levels of contamination. Contamination undermines long-term marketability of recyclable materials.

Source Separation enables the recycler at the source to receive the economic benefits of cost avoidance of waste removal transportation, with the potential offset of disposing of recyclable materials as garbage, as well as it enables QRS Recycling and our client’s the ability to generate revenue from the sale of the recyclable material.

Source Separation fosters a free market, independent of the solid waste (garbage) collection and disposal system.
This reduces the need for burdensome regulations and costly enforcement.

Source Separation encourages a thought process in each individual recycler that proper solid waste management
is every person’s responsibility. This can foster further source reduction and recycling activities at work, home
and school.

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