If you’re a Plastic Pellitizer, Grinder, MRF operator, or just exploring the idea of getting into the single-stream processing business, QRS Recycling can show you how to maximize the value potential of your single-stream-generated commingled containers while minimizing your investment.

QRS Recycling will purchase mixed bales of curbside generated containers, #1 – #7 plastic bottles, and end-of-line residuals for processing at one of our Regional Plastic Recovery Facilities.


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Midwest Region, Louisville _ Southern Indiana

Plastic Recovery Facility
1001 W. Floyd Street
New Albany, IN 47150

Hours of Operation:Monday - Friday:
7:30 am - 4:00 pm

Phone: 502-969-3846

Market Area Vice President,
Louisville Market:

Mike Laverty
812-948-1323 ext. 2608

Sustainability Manager,
Louisville Market:

Bryan Bogo
(812) 948-1323 ext. 2611

Procurement Representatives:Kim Martinez
(502) 634-8531 ext. 2616

John Gonder
(502) 634-8531 ext. 2612

Toby Vonberg
(812) 948-1323 ext. 2615

Kevin Fehring
(502) 634-8531

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