About Us

The Core Focus of QRS is to improve our Customer’s bottom line by maximizing their recycling potential. It is in this way that we can best follow the sound advice of our founder, Tim Janson, when he said, “Do what’s best for the Customer and they will be your Customer for a very long time.”

In 1974 Tim Janson set out to create a company based not only on taking care of the customer and generating a profit, but doing so with a commitment to fairness and integrity, in all market conditions. This commitment to fairness and integrity has become our passion. This passion extends to everyone we work with; from our customers who generate the product, to the employees who handle it, and to our mill partners who consume it. Our reputation for fairness and integrity is our most precious asset.

Over the years QRS has grown by paying attention to our customer’s needs, recognizing market trends, and taking the initiative on opportunities. Change will be constant. Seizing and maintaining the initiative demands an entrepreneurial culture that exploits change to our advantage. We will continuously strive to be the leaders in our industry, brave enough to risk being innovative. We will stay ahead of the curve.

Our customers are our partners. Understanding their goals and maximizing their recycling potential is how we deliver success. We recognize that the product they provide is the life blood of QRS. We are committed to building long-term relationships and will always do what is best for the customer while generating a fair profit for QRS.

We accomplished this by:

Developing a team of Competent and Confident recycling professionals

Collaborating with the Customer to discover their true recycling goals

Offering Creative solutions with an eye on the bottom line

Becoming our client’s recycling Consultant by earning their trust and respect

Continuing to invest in innovative service and processing capabilities