QRS Direct

QRS Direct will purchase all types of recyclable material and can help with equipment financing and do a free Waste Audit

If your company produces truckload quantities of recyclable product you have special needs. QRS Recycling understands those needs because we market and move over 30,000 tons per month of product from our own plants. We know how frustrating it is to have trucks that don’t show up and product that backs up on your dock. Let QRS Brokerage leverage our established mill relationships to keep your price high and your movement quick. If you are a mill direct customer in one of our home markets, we pledge to move your product within 48 hours or we will send a QRS truck to pick it up and it will sit on our dock – not yours! We put our own assets on the line.

Challenge us to provide a mill direct solution for all of your truckload quantities that improves movement and increases your revenue. QRS Direct will improve your economics by maximizing your recycling potential.