Over a span of 33 years, QRS has emerged as a nationally capable recycling company. From a single plant opened in 1974, the company has grown to cover three major markets and ship a variety of recyclable products worldwide. QRS is the recycler of choice for those looking to add value to their bottom line and improve their recycling efforts.

Tim Janson, QRS Recycling's Chairman, opened the Riverside facility in 1974 to serve the Louisville, Ky., and Southern Indiana market. He founded a company based on fair-customer treatment and shipment of quality product in all market conditions.

Almost immediately, Tim established his company as a respected supplier of recyclable commodities to major consuming mills in the region. The mill relationships established over 30 years ago remain intact and provide homes for the bulk of QRS’ recyclable product.

In 1986 QRS built a brand new plant in Louisville to serve the commercial and industrial market. It pioneered sorting recyclables from mixed, dry waste otherwise bound for the landfill in the Louisville market. When this plant sold to BFI in 1995, it had grown to serve all the major assembly facilities in Louisville and was the largest paper recycler in the city.

QRS expanded to St. Louis, Mo., in 1989 when the Southside facility was built in south St. Louis County. This full-service commercial recycling plant has posted double-digit tonnage growth per year for the last 7 years. Because Tim Janson always felt that St. Louis was a two-plant market, QRS opened the Northside facility in late 1997 in north St. Louis County. With its booming growth, Northside has helped make QRS the #1 recycler in the St. Louis market.

Sandwiched between the two St. Louis expansions was a foray into the Nashville, Tenn., market. The Rivergate facility built there in 1996 is the finest commercial and industrial recycling plant in the South. An existing plant near downtown Nashville was purchased in 2003. QRS promptly underwent a major expansion of the facility and installed a state-of-the-art sorting system for single-stream product. Currently, this plant Rivergate 2 – serves the recycling needs of the Nashville Metro Government, as well as select commercial and industrial accounts.

In 2001 QRS Brokerage was established in Hazelwood, Mo. The growing  department moves product “mill direct” from suppliers all over the country. It ships a variety of recyclable products worldwide, including corrugated, waste paper, plastics and metals.

In recent years, QRS has invested heavily in information technology and state-of-the-art baling equipment. Thanks to these investments, QRS has enjoyed increased operating efficiency on the plant floor and enhanced reporting and tracking capabilities. Mill partners have, in turn, received heavier loads. QRS strives to be an industry leader by finding innovative ways to take care of customers and ship a quality product.

QRS Recycling has continued its quest for excellence in 2007. QRS Iron and Metals was established as a new division. To attain single-stream sorting capabilities in all of its markets, the company is installing sorting equipment in St. Louis and New Albany. And finally, extensive renovation of Riverside Recycling – the original QRS facility – will occur this year. Completion of the renovation will establish this QRS facility as the premier recycling complex in the region with over 20 acres dedicated to the processing of paper, plastic, iron and metals.