Not just good for the environment,
but good for your business!


innovative solutions
that maximize
your recycling potential.

Since 1974, QRS Recycling has been helping businesses develop creative recycling solutions that improve your bottom line and reduce your environmental footprint.

With recycling center locations in Louisville and Atlanta, our goal is to work with you to find the solution that works best for your business. Together we’ll determine your needs, implement an effective solution, and maximize your recycling potential with the very latest technology.

QRS is proud to announce 40 years in business – started February 19, 1974

Find out just how much we can impact your bottom line — and the planet — when we work together!
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QRS Recycling Kentucky Derby Festival Great Balloon Glow

QRS Recycling Kentucky Derby Festival Great Balloon Glow

Start Making a Difference at your business.

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What recycling solution is right for your business?

Whatever your industry, large or small, QRS Recycling will work with you to develop a innovative recycling solution that’s good for the planet — and your bottom line.


Large Commercial and Industrial
Office Buildings and Property Management
Schools, Campuses, and Institutions
Hospitals and Healthcare
Small Retail, Restaurants, and Small Business
Waste Haulers
Recycling Companies and Brokers

History of QRS Recycling
Pioneering Potential Since 1974


You know how to recycle, but do you really know how it works and what it can do for your business?  Learn more through our videos!  More Videos


QRS Reaching New Heights Louisville Balloon Glow

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QRS Supporting “Wet-Dry” Recycling Program In Louisville’s Central Business District

Louisville’s Central Business District is going green in a big way! Louisville Metro is launching a cutting edge “Wet-Dry” recycling pilot program for all Metro-serviced businesses and residents in the Central Read More

Organics Recycling is now available!!!

QRS is proud to announce its newest service offering in the Louisville market: ORGANICS RECYCLING.  In addition to our single stream and commercial dry waste solutions, the ORGANICS Read More