Truck Loading Guide

To ensure the safety of our employees and contracted drivers, the following requirements MUST be followed: Load it SAFE for EVERYONE’S SAFETY.

Before loading bales

  • Inspect the trailer before loading to make sure the trailer is safe and clean
  • Make sure bales are of good integrity and have adequate wires
  • Know the safe, acceptable load patterns


  1. The view shown in each picture above displays the back of the trailer.
  2. All pictures show acceptable loading options for the last stack or stacks of bales on the end of the trailer.
  3. The last stack of bales must be turned lengthwise in all trailer bale loads. The rest of the bales in the trailer can be horizontal.

What to know while loading bales

  • Always turn the last row of bales lengthwise to prevent bales from falling/shifting against the door during transit. The last row of bales must be no more than 2 bales high, without exception.
  • Never put a stack of 3 bales next to a stack of 1 bale.
  • Stack bales squarely for easy off loading and storage. Do not load with pallets or stickers.
  • Do not place small bales on the bottom with large bales on top.
  • Do not place high density bales on top of low density bales.
  • Bales often expand inside vans – leave room to unload safely.
  • Do not stuff vans. A bale clamp, not straight forks, is often used to unload.
  • Failure to adhere may result in termination of purchases.