Recycling that’s as easy as throwing out the trash.

QRS Single Stream Recycling, a one-step recycling solution to help save your business time, money and natural resources.

Recycling only works when people take action. You may have considered a recycling program for your business before, but had concerns about employee participation. To help make workplace recycling more convenient – and better for your bottom line – QRS Recycling offers what’s known as Commercial Single Stream Recycling.

QRS will work with you to develop a Single Stream Recycling solution to hit the groundrunning, helping you teach your employees to maximize the return on your recyclables.

With QRS Single Stream Recycling, there’s no easier way to Simply Recycle. Contact us, click here to submit a QRS Recycling Solution Request form to find out how to get started with QRS Commercial Single Stream Recycling, or if you prefer, call us at 888-366-3777.

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Unlike in the past, when recyclables had to be sorted and separated first, a QRS Single Stream Recycle program allows your employees to combine all of their recyclables in the same container, and leave the sorting to us. It’s a simple idea, but it can have a major impact on your business, saving you time, money, and natural resources: 


People are often reluctant to recycle because they have to sort different items into different bins. Not anymore! It all goes into the same bin. We do the sorting for you: one step, one bin.


Why pay to have your recycling hauled away and buried in a landfill?  With our Single Stream Recycling program, your fee need only cover the pick-up cost. Your material is recycled, not buried, eliminating disposal cost/fee!


The EPA estimates that 80% of office trash is recyclable, but most ends up in a landfill. You can be an important part of the solution by using our Single Stream Recycling program. You keep your recyclables where they can do the most good, out of landfills, and in the hands of manufacturers making new products.


Really, it’s almost easier to tell you what you can’t recycle with QRS Single Stream Recycling:
Glass containers, Styrofoam (polystyrene), and food-contaminated paper products are out.


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